Cladding, fascias etc

Your house is under attack throughout the year - rain, wind, sun as well as insects, birds & bats.

Maintaining your existing woodwork is time consuming, expensive and never ending.



Cladding a building adds an extra layer of protection to the exterior structure and offers defence against the weather and subsequent dampness.

There is also an acoustic benefit associated with cladding due to the additional insulation.

Fascias & soffits

fascias and soffits

When fascias and soffits fall into disrepair the fabric of the house is threatened.

The purpose they serve is to protect the roof rafters and joists from the ravages of the weather at the same time ventilating the loft space.

The fascia invariably provides the fixing for the guttering.

PVCu fascias and soffits never rot, warp, split or need painting so the structural integrity of the eaves is ensured, avoiding expensive repairs.



Good rain gutters are an integral part of a homes exterior. Old, damaged or defective guttering can cause a lot of damage. When a gutter fails the water is not diverted properly and overflows into either the house or foundation, causing wood rot and other problems.